America just took healthcare away from 24m of its own people

By allowing the AHCA to pass its first hurdle to becoming law. In a big win for the money-hungry and cozy insurance companies, an estimated 24m people are set to lose their insurance if the health bill becomes law.  On Thursday,  the GOP managed to secure the required 217 votes to pass its first hurdle, but,  the fight isn’t over yet.

In the controversial “Repeal And Replace” of Obama ‘s signature Obamacare law, Republicans, pretty much want to make it easier for insurance companies to “grant waivers” that result in patients getting charged-like-crazy for pre-existing conditions. The bill further would change the way people receive healthcare from their employers, especially,  if they have pre-existing conditions (or they would simply also lose that healthcare all together).

Interestingly, this is a piece of the AHCA that’s currently catching the most flack. Under the “proposed law”  these following conditions would be considered pre-existing and no longer covered.

  • Domestic Violence / Rape
  • Pregnancy

Those are just some of the examples that would dramatically change under the newly proposed law, a law, that Republicans claim “leaves no group of or single American behind in terms of healthcare”. But NBC confirmed that more than 1/3 of all Republicans responsible for this bill, uh, haven’t even read what is inside of it.

Meanwhile, provisions in the AHCA would “exempt”  members of Congress; and the House (etc) and their staffs from actually having to use or be bound to the controversial law that is threatening the overall health of millions and their financial futures.

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