Letters Aaron Hernandez wrote to gay prison lover make waves online

The mystery surrounding Aaron Hernandez’s death is, uh, interesting to say the least. But now, a little more is now known about his final moments before his tragic suicide.   According to lawyers for fellow inmate Kyle Kennedy, a third letter, has now surfaced from Hernandez written in his final moments. That letter, is,   now believed to be evidence and an indication that Hernandez had  a gay affair behind bars while in jail.

That affair, perhaps, with Kyle Kennedy who was serving time in the cell nearby his in the Massachusetts prison where they both were held.   Lawyers argued Wednesday that the letter should be released to indicate “the truth behind Hernandez”.  It remains murky as to what the letter actually says, because, news outlets  alike including ours have only  been given part of the letters by anonymous sources.

Jose Baez, Hernandez’s lawyer, denied that the letter was to a “gay prison lover” in or out of lock-up citing the rumors as “hateful rumors to tarnish someone who is dead”.

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