Ex Managers have some telling information on Johnny Depp

There’s a telling new statement out on Johnny Depp, and uh, it goes something like this: He’s a habitual liar.  Apparently lawsuits and countersuits have surfaced online from Depp’s January suit against The Management Group.  In the original suit,   Depp, claimed that the company had committed fraud and on numerous occasions “misrepresented him”.

He eventually tried to sue for upwards of $25m.  TMG has now countersued  citing that Depp is “wreckless” and has for some time been living a “$2m a month lifestyle” despite his indication otherwise in his lawsuit.  TMG further went on to claim in their suit that Depp “takes no responsibility for his lifestyle”.  “Spending wrecklessly on private jets; limos, and unnecessary expenditures”.

The joust first got renewed after Depp took part in a recent interview claiming that, yes, TMG tried to get over on him, but in return they dubbed him a “habitual liar”.

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