Thailand man kills daughter; self, in suicide broadcasted live on Facebook

In what is probably the second most bizarre headline we’ve written this year, uh,   a Thailand man is dead today after he apparently hung himself and his daughter outside of a Thailand hotel.  The incident happened earlier today (and was seen by The Daily News).    The man first hung his daughter by a noose around her neck outside of the hotel, and,  proceeded to turn on Facebook live.

His parents and significant other immediately saw the video and called police. By the time they got to Wuttisan Wongtalay, uh, he was already dead outside of the hotel along with his daughter. Meanwhile, the entire world had watched.

Facebook says that they’re “Reviewing their Facebook LIVE policies after a slew of problematic incidents”. Facebook has seen sex abuse; rape, torture, sodomy, murder, and suicide be broadcast on their service this year alone.

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