Tobacco smoking in the United States has largely declined over the past decade, but, that doesn’t mean that profits have plummeted to with it.  New reports out this week indicate that in 2016,  the tobacco industry grew in profits by more than billions that year thanks to skyrocketing prices for a pack of ciggs in America. For example,  in places like New York City  it runs about $13 for a single pack and in some places as much as $10 in less populate d cities.

[Information sourced from The Wall Street Journal].

In other avenues,  competition has largely shrunk.   Marbs  and Newports make up almost eight and ten ciggs sold each day in America. It was estimated in 2016 that tobacco companies made some $96.6 billion alone in profits. In csse it coulxnt get more interesting, it appers that theyve found a way

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