United making policy changes after passenger forcibly removed from overbooked flight

United Airlines has, uh, we’d guess seen better weeks.  Following the release of a video that saw an Asian-American passenger identified as David Dao being forcibly removed from the plane, the airline,  has now confirmed to numerous outlets that policies involving such situations are changing.  

The video (which was shown here previously in The Daily News)  saw David Dao be forcibly removed from Flight 3411 from Chicago to Kentucky.   Dao, was among numerous passengers who reportedly refused to  give up his seat after the airline claimed that they had suddenly became “overcrowded”.   Dao, had cited that he “was a doctor and had to see patients in the morning”.

Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines,  was heard in speeches and statements to the AP as saying that “This will never happen ever again on a United flight”.  Meanwhile, United’s stocks  continue to fall. 

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