6 Of The Most Famous Lies Ever Told by President Donald Trump

And there of the outrageous fashion. As rounded up by numerous links fact-checking Trump,  here are 6 of the famous tall-tales he’s ever told.

* He saw Muslims celebrating on the night of September 11, 2001 (no evidence exists)
* Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s father “allegedly” involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy (he wasn’t)
* “Inner city crime” was soaring to record levels (it wasn’t)
* The “real” unemployment rate was 42% (it wasn’t)
* He was opposed to the war in Iraq from the start (he wasn’t)
                 (Deceptive comments and such also proven and fact-checked by CNN, who also rounded up, 6 similar deceptive comments and more.)
Donald Trump ‘s lies go much deeper than just six.   You get the point. 

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