EXCLUSIVE: Top Cop Jeff Sessions wants to undo police reforms “because black people deserve what’s handed to them”. 

In our investigation into reports that Jeff Sessions wants to reportedly “roll back” Obama era police reforms in America, we, made several startling discoveries after a DOJ employee turned over more than 10 emails and internal memos deemed classified by the government.

Earlier this week, we reported of how Sessions wants to “roll back” police reforms in cities like Baltimore that have seen skyrocketing levels of police violence and in the past has resulted in the deaths of unarmed black men.

A memo exclusively obtained by The Daily News in agreements that we would not disclose who provided the memos, Sessions,  is seen in emails citing the “record percentage of African Americans committing crimes that does not judicially merit police reforms”.

More importantly, it appears according to the memos that the “lawful objective of rolling back the police reforms is to put the power back in the hands of our officers.  It’s important to acknowledge that we have a problem when respect and law enforcement officers are mentioned because African Americans have a clear disregard for the appropriate law”. 
The memo goes on to say that “Police reforms indicate that it is police officers that are committing wrongdoings when in fact it is the African American population that remains a large and significant problem for our law enforcement agencies in America”.

The shocking memo was dated 2 days before our initial report of the roll backs scheduled to occur.  Sessions,  who has previously denied any foul action against people of color,  has not commented on the memos as of this writing. 
The investigation into Sessions objectives will continue on Friday with Part 2, an additional in depth look into DOJ documents exclusively provided to The Daily News. 

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