Bannon is officially history 

Bannon is out as a top member of the National Security Council according to the New York Times‘.  A group of reporters from The Times reportedly uncovered federal documents indicating that Donald Trump has removed Bannon as a top NSC member.

According to the report, the move was made after weeks of behind-the-scenes concerns from Ivanka; Jared,  and other top White House personnel.  The concern?  Nobody’s really sure fire okay with Bannon being in The Situation Room making national decisions or influencing them.

How so? It’s no secret that Bannon’s background stems deeply from the alt-right racist movement.  Those concerns rose again as situations got apparently deeper among the NSC coalition.  On top of the NYT report,  our reputable WH source says this report by the Times is indeed accurate as “Bannon has been let go because is simply just that extreme.  His beliefs align with the utmost of terrors that an average American holds”. 

We have since learned and confirmed that Rick Perry is in on the NSC coalition.  WH sources say that Trump “is a bit more aligned with Perry’s modern influential voice to foreign policy and power”. 

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