Bad news for Scary Spice and Stephen Belafonte. According to documents obtained by The Daily News,  Mel B and Belafonte have legally been separated since December after allegations of severe domestic and sexual abuse surfaced. In the documents (Graphic details ahead guys)  Mel B claims that Belafonte has been “striking; sexually assaulting, and hitting her” since at least 2007.

Interestingly,   Mel claimed further in the documents that Belafonte would “force her to take part in unwanted threesomes and often would tape them”.   Now, out of  suspicion, we spoke to a neighbor of Mel B who confirmed that on multiple occasions over the years “I’ve heard situations in that house that sound abusive happen. I’ve heard screams; shouts, and definitely hard times”.

Scary Spice herself confirmed in the documents that her friends; colleagues, and even her family knew of the abuse but nobody reported it out of fear of retaliation from Belafonte.  Belafonte reportedly denies the allegations.


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