Here’s more that we know about kidnapper Tad Cummins

Tad Cummins, 50, is the topic of the week.  The former health sciences teacher in Maury County, TN is now one of the most wanted people in Tennessee. Cummins, 50, is believed to be holding Elizabeth Thomas against her will after it emerged that he is in possession of two firearms.

Reports surfaced Thursday that Cummins, 50, had reportedly taken out a $4,500 loan days before he disappeared and it reportedly went through just hours after Thomas disappeared from the restaurant she was at just 40 miles outside of her hometown.

TBI announced that they had reportedly come across information from Cummin ‘s own  computer devices that he had searched topics like teen marriage; how to get away with it, and  if there were any features of his Nissan Rogue that could be tracked by any form of law enforcement.

Interestingly, that didn’t work out so well. As we previously reported Thursday afternoon,  sightings of Cummin ‘s and his Rogue SUV have now been reported to police.   Officials in Corpus Christi, Texas confirmed that they had received a number of reports matching the license plate number of Cummin ‘s. Around 12:30 pm Thursday, the town had been swamped by police searching for the vehicle.

The kidnapping comes just weeks after a January 23 incident in which a fellow student of Thomas’s reportedly saw Thomas being kissed on the lips by her much older sciences teacher. The incident was r eported to school officials who later couldn’t entirely confirm the incident.

A report picked up by numerous outlets claimed that the teacher who was informed of the incident couldn’t verify the incident, but, had then reported and recommended to school officials that Elizabeth be taken entirely out of Cummin’s class.

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A formal ban was reportedly put in place to prevent  Thomas from entering Cummin’s classroom for any reason after that point. Although on 3 February, local sheriffs and police had entered the situation after reports surfaced that Thomas had been caught in Cummin’s classroom once more despite being ordered by school officials to stay away.

School officials confirmed that Cummin ‘s had been let go without pay after that point. It was then, that, he apparently took out a $4,500 loan and purchased two small firearms according to police officials close to the matter.

Elizabeth ‘s Dad Speaks Out

Anthony Thomas, the reported father of Elizabeth, spoke out Thursday. According to Thomas, he had learned of the incident(s) on 31 January when Sheriff’s informed him that his department had stepped in to investigate the problem.  It was then that Thomas had confronted his 15-year-old daughter on the matter, where, she had claimed to her father “Nothing was going on” “He just considers me a friend”.

Unfortunately for Mr. Thomas, despite telling his daughter to stay away from her former teacher, nothing worked.

“(She said) that Tad was just her teacher and she was sort of a friend of his … that this girl who had made the complaints had lied,” Thomas told HLN on Tuesday.
“He had also fed (students) stories of things he had supposedly done and organizations he had been with. They were all convinced that he had been with the FBI and CIA and that he had been with Special Forces — they were all convinced of that,” Thomas said.
After that chat, Thomas says, that’s when his daughter returned to Cummin ‘s and then Cummin’s concocted the mastermind idea to orchestrate her kidnapping.

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