The skyrocketing costs of Donald Trump ‘s trip(s) to his Mar-a-Lago Estate

This is an editorial piece on the skyrocketing costs at the expense of American taxpayers whom are stuck paying for Donald Trump ‘s expensive trips to his Mar-a-Lago estate. 

Every President generally takes vacations, but, vacations as frequent as Donald Trump, are becoming something most are questioning. Since his ascension to power in the United States, Trump. has reportedly taken upwards of 5 trips to his Mar-a-Lago estate.  Trips that are per experts costing taxpayers in the United States millions of dollars.

Now, before anyone clamors on the fact we’re discussing the taxpayers expense on behest of Donald Trump, we’ll  note something else.  During Barack Obama’s time in office he spent around $97m on vacations and such as a whole and all together.  According to experts, Donald Trump, has cost taxpayers in the US upwards of $13m for his five trips and counting to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Trump has made it no secret his love for Mar-a-Lago,  a place that he reportedly calls his “Winter White House”.  Palm Beach officials, although, aren’t feeling the love and have threatened legal action if Trump continues to travel on the time of taxpayers in his city. The cost of protection in Palm Beach for Trump has skyrocketed so bad, officials, are really really not feeling the love.

See where we’re going with this. 

In a matter of a few weeks,  Donald Trump, has trumped Obama’s own expenses to taxpayers in terms of vacations and the like all within the first month. An investigation by The Washington Post, found that in a full term of four years Trump ‘s almost weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago would cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.  Essentially, ‘Trumping”  Obama’s own costs for vacations and the like.


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