Sacked US Attorney was investigating Trump cabinet member: Reports

In case the case against Donald Trump ‘s presidency couldn’t get any worse, it does, and continues to do so. According to reports, Preet Bharara was reportedly investigating a particularly mysterious Trump cabinet member when he was suddenly sacked from his longtime job.  Bharara was one of 40 something US attorney’s across America asked to resign by the Department of Justice following the appointment of Jeff Sessions.

Although, at the time, he had refused to resign and demanded that instead they fire him.  The brouhaha comes at a time that Preet was reportedly working on an internal investigation into Health and Human Services Secretary  Tom Price. Price, reportedly made and signed  off on a few questionable stock trades related to health companies that he heavily grew close to during the time he served in Congress.

This is where it gets interesting. According to people close to Tom Price,  Price, claims that he knew nothing of the trades and “they were done by others close to me including advisers and brokers”. Although,  Preet, didn’t buy it.  In case the case couldn’t take another dark turn, brace yourselves. Although  Jeff Sessions had asked Preet and his colleagues to resign,  Donald Trump, had specifically allegedly secretly asked Preet to stay on.

Preet’s office was also interestingly investigating Fox News, and,  more interesting Trump Towers.  Preet had secretly been informed of secret payments that Trump had received on numerous occasions from foreign governments, payments, that Trump has never disclosed to the public before.


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