Trump supporters are the new domestic terrorists 

Trump supporters can be called allot of things, perhaps, informed; well-thought, and mature actually wouldn’t be words one could use to describe people so obliviously brainwashed.

Let’s dig deeper.  Trump has been caught in nearly a dozen lies since his Presidency formally took flight, yet, it’s as if such goes right over the head of a conservative Trump supporter.

1. Stripping the Poor of Their Ability to Eat & Live

When Trump announced his budget plan, some 19 federal agencies saw their funding become topic of destruction.  Trump supporters cheered that “Liberals and people of colour would finally have to work for what they wanted”.

But, let’s face a stark reality here.  “Liberals” and the like aren’t the only one dependent on social programs,  but, Trump supporters blindly won’t admit to that.  Why? For reasons that are similar to Trump’s hidden agenda.

Alienation of the middle class and those whom aren’t rich.  If Trump and his supporters really wanted to Make America Great Again budget plans and the like would remotely benefit all Americans.  Not just people like the family that owns Donald Trump, er,  for those that don’t know: enter – The Mercer Family.

2. The destruction of healthcare for all.

And Trump supporters are okay with that as long as minorities; poor people,  and non-rich folks aren’t provided healthcare. In the words of one Trump supporter and we found similar sentiments on social media…

Healthcare isn’t a right its a privilege.

When did the right to live and be healthy become a privilege? Have we become such a supremacist society of skin colour and wealth that those are some of the many factors that decide who gets healthcare? In Trump’s America, yes.

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Trump’s healthcare law reportedly strips 14m+ people from healthcare all together.  Healthcare experts have repeatedly declared that “Trump Care” is nothing short of tax-cuts for the mega rich and the wealthy.  

3.  The appointment of billionaire hack Betsy DeVos

Who doesn’t know the difference between reality and truth.  DeVos, a failef proponent of school voucher programs was named Secretary of Education. Since her appointment,  DeVos has attempted to champion components of the newly revealed budget bill.

In those components…

  • SCHOOL LUNCH programs would ultimately see their demise.

Programs like the Child and Adult Food program are set to get the cut by Trump’s budget director. The same director, per Mother Jones,  who claimed that there “is no demonstratable evidence to suggest feeding children improves performance”.

A remark, er, that is obviously so far untrue that even for a Trump official is jaw-dropping.  Food experts and the likd quickly jumped on the televised remarks citing that nutritious meals and similar food programs “are important to the success of our children”.

Food programs for these causes feed about 3.1m hungry kids each day, at a price tag of $3billion annually.  A stark difference to the proposed $54 billion defense and military spending increase proposed by Trump.

Experts note that a lack of nutrition “is conveniently rlkted into the causes of bad grades; absenteeism,  and other problems children face in school. 

But in a Trump world,  Trump supporters feel like innocent children shouldn’t receive free or reduced lunches in school or help whatsoever in getting a good meal. Why? Because for some ungodly reason: Certain groups of people aren’t allowed to function or live a comfortable life according to Trump supporters.

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It’s like a scene right out of The Purge, when the government takes full control and has brainwashed its supporters into thinking things like this are okay.

4. Trump supporters are Americans disguised as modern Ku Klux Klan members.

Okay, maybe not all of them but most of them.   Trump supporters are notoriously racist against minorities and those that are different. Quick searches of pro-Trump hashtags on Twitter validate such a remark.

Trump supporters often remark that minorities are the only ones on food stamps and social programs. But, like proven time and time again, white people are on more food stamps than black people. It’s a fact.

It’s like Trump supporters won’t be happy until America is truly white again. 

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