Have you heard of the Pillowcase Rapist?

If the answer to that is, uh, no, don’t feel bad neither have we.  According to police though, uh,  the Pillowcase Man is a very real dude with a very creepy  deal on life.   Between 1971 and 1982 Christopher Hubbart notoriously raped dozens of women muffling their screams using, you guessed it, a pillowcase.

In 2014,  Hubbart, was reportedly released from a California state mental hospital after he was apparently found to have some pretty distorted thoughts on life and the body parts of a woman.  It didn’t last though according to police, some of which, note that he reportedly still has the unusual thoughts on women.

As a result? Prosecutors in Los Angeles have now readmitted the Pillowcase Man to the Coalinga State Hospital for at least a year amid concerns that if he remains out he will go straight back to sexually assaulting women again. Prosecutors alleged in their documents that he had failed “five additional lie-detector tests” about his fantasies and distorted thoughts about women .

Creepy Fact: Hubbart has raped more than 40 women.

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