Here are 3 Ways Donald Trump reportedly plans to force Mexico to pay for wall

The “Mexican Border Wall” is big discussion in America now that Donald Trump has made it his mission to find one way or another that it get built. But, at what cost? Mexican officials have vehemently made it clear that the wall will not be funded by Mexico in any manner. So, how will Trump pay for it?

According to Trump ‘s transition team as we previously reported, Trump, has now reportedly sought Congress’s approval for something known as the appropriations process.  This was apparently part of a 2006 funding-style bill that would have allowed something similar to the Mexican wall to actually happen if it were on previous agendas (but it wasn’t).  The bill would ultimately mean that the funding for the wall would come from, you guessed it, the wallets of the American people.

Now here is where it gets interesting. Donald Trump has previously vowed that Mexico would actually pay for the wall (psst!  Mexico’s President has denied such).  But now, it, appears that the Americans are actually going to be paying for the wall if Trump has anything to say about it.  But, in any rate, we’ve rounded up the top three most controversial ways Trump ‘s team reportedly plans to force Mexico to pay for the wall (if they’re successful).

  1. ) Remittance Seizure.

You guessed it.  IF you’ve ever received a Money Gram, or an International Funds Transfer, you’ve probably heard this term before. Under Trump ‘s authority,  remittance payments to Mexico from such services (etc) would be seized by the United States in an effort to help pay for the wall.  If this sounds draconian and awfully unethical, it should, because that would mean Trump is taking hard-earned money that is mean to go to actual families.

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2. ) Tariffs

While Mexico ‘s economy does see a healthy boost thanks to America, it, is unknown how far that boost actually reaches. What is known is that Trump wants to “impose” heavy tariffs on just about everything coming out of Mexico into the United States including visas for top execs; business big-wigs,  and the ladder.   Trump hopes that increasing such tariffs and fees on such documents to get into America that Mexico will ultimately have no choice but to pay for the wall.

3.) Taxes

Furthermore,  Donald,  hopes to impose higher taxes on Mexico for its imports and exports.   This one sort of was kind of obvious.

This information was gleaned from Donald Trump ‘s transition website.   This information is directly from  Trump ‘s administration and transition team.

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