To the surprise of nobody, Breitbart, has been caught in creating a few  fake news stories about an alleged “riot-like situation”  caused by Islamic proponents in Germany. The issue? Germany says the news report is entirely false as New Years in the German country “was fairly quiet”.

The initial report, as seen in the screenshot, claimed that there were about 1,000 different people causing havoc in Dorthmund a remote German city.   Police say that the falsified publication by Breitbart is an indication that mainstream media outlets are attempting to spur fake news in Germany in a bid to sway the elections away from Angela Merkel.

The site claimed that Muslims and Islams “were the culprits” or at least they tried to make it appear that way. Furthermore, Breitbart went on to claim that violent 0bjects were apparently thrown at women and children but alike other parts of this falsified story this also  was untrue.

UPDATE: Germany police have confirmed that there was no incident of such sorts in Dorthmund  despite Breitbart News claiming such.





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