“Fragile” ceasefire begins across Syria


With minor violations reported across  the country but so far officials say its holding

The ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey has now began as of midnight in a war torn Syria.  The ceasefire meant to finally bring peace to the fragile country has had just a few violations, but, officials say that the long awaited deal has finally began to stick.  Russian officials say that if the deal and ceasefire holds between the Syrian government and mainstream rebels, perhaps, further peace talks will be held in Kazahkstan  next month.

The exact death count of the war stands at just shy of half-a-million innocent deaths of people and even children in a country still ruled with an iron fist by Bashar Al-Assad and his wife.  The Syrian Observatory for  Human Rights notes that minor violations were reported by news outlets which were confirmed, but, nothing of the large sort to actually have threatened the ceasefire.


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