Vladamir Putin meets with Russian officials in The Kremlin

Vladamir Putin — a man of fear; intimidation, a funny accent, and unpredictability remains a topic of discussion following the 2016 elections in America. An election season that was dominated by fake news and propaganda put out by Russia as reportedly confirmed in a top secret government document leaked online. The document showed that Russia “had involvements in the elections and its history dating back to the murder of a journalist who was once in America”.

This is where Vladamir Putin gets terrifying. Vladamir Putin is a known human rights abuser among other things. His track record as a dictator imprisoning others who speak out against his reign is well documented.   Many years ago, there was a female band who called themselves “Pussy Riot”. The infamous female group was jailed and sent to camp(s) because they spoke out against Putin ‘s domineering policies in Russia


America now firmly believes that Vladamir Putin helped hack the DNC and wave the election towards Donald Trump. But, what does that really mean in Russia?  What does that show that Vladamir Putin is really after? It makes it very clear.  Putin is after unwavering access to America and its people.  And that part right there is absolutely terrifying for a part of the world that was once the Soviet Union.

In response to the hacking allegations by American officials and the belief that Putin is trying to weasel his way into America, America, has fired back with sanctions of their own. The Obama Administration reportedly booted  more than two dozen Russian operatives (among other things) from the states this week signaling even rougher ties between Russia and America.  The sanctions caused uproars in Russia with  Putin ‘s regime quickly firing back.

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Russian media reports indicated that Putin closed necessary  American-Anglo schools in nearly all of Russia and booted intelligence officials from intelligence houses in Moscow.    What has become oblivious about  Putin is that he is readily willing to attack the rest of the world; annex countries,  and even hack political elections but when others come after Russia — “This Means War” comes to mind.

Why this means so little to conservative Americans.

Conservative Americans hate just about anything Obama related and could tell you that the sky is purple if it meant that it was to go against Obama saying the sky was blue.  This is why Putin is terrifying and the recent events out of Russia signal a dark and timid future for America with Trump ‘s incoming Administration.  America has never truly had warm relations with the former Soviet Union, at least not in the fashion in which Trump ‘s administration would like to maintain them.

Perhaps this is why so many less-than-educated conservatives voted Trump into office.  A man who without much of any effort has single-handedly  given himself a blow torch  descending American into a rapid dissent of everything anti-democratic.  America was built on a Democracy something that people often tend to forget and now more than ever nee to remember.   Our democratic historic values and mission  will be forever tarnished if not entirely destroyed the closer Vladamir Putin gets to our country.  This is a man who has extreme blood on his hands, possibly, even more than President Obama himself.  So, why is it that conservative Americans will allow a killer like Putin close to their beloved America but won’t allow the President of the United States anywhere near anything American?

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