Florida man is super-wealthy oil heir, but, was found homeless

For reasons that make this one of the most interesting stories we’ve heard in a while. According to reports in Palm Beach, FL a Florida man living out of a Range Rover was arrested this week.  Why, you might ask?  William Tavoulareas, the man in question,  apparently has a penchant for wanting to be homeless — even though his family has racked up millions in the bank from their time at Exxon Mobil.

Tavoulareas per his brother apparently has “psychological issues” that make him want to be homeless, when he doesn’t actually have to be.  Police say Tavoulareas was found living in the Range Rover in question before it was booted (with a tire boot). Although, somehow, he managed to get the entrapment device removed and later moved the vehicle.

Police say this is how his story unraveled and he was identified to be an oil heir.   They later apparently found the vehicle nearby and arrested William for felony theft.

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