Verizon demanding major feats from Yahoo: Reports

In the midst of what has now become the largest e-mail hack ever to occur at an e-mail provider, Verizon, has now reportedly upped the ante to actually acquire the troubled e-mail provider. Sources have told numerous outlets Friday, that, Verizon is “exploring different concessions that they would require for such an acquisition with this much trouble”.

Interestingly, some sources indicate that Verizon may demand that the sale price be discounted. To what price, perhaps?  Additional sources per other reports and Reuters indicate that they’re seeking a $1billion discount due to the e-mail hack.  Verizon, declined to comment when contacted by the Daily News for comment on such a claim.

Furthermore, it appears that Verizon is “ready to go to court” to demand these concessions” even if it has to find the appropriate legal path to prevent Verizon from being responsible for any future problems Yahoo may have.

Friday morning, even more was release in regards to the hack. According to internal documents from Yahoo leaked to numerous papers including our own,  some of those hacked accounts included White House staffers and FBI agents.


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