Trump planning to take out entire Department of Energy: Reports

If reports are to be deemed tangible, perhaps, the Department of Energy may soon see its own version of the purge. The Mail Online reports that President-Elect Donald Trump apparently has sent a 74-question  survey to Dept. of Energy employees whereas he is seeking information on anybody who has attended meetings on climate change and similar topics.

The Mail claimed in its original report that the survey was sent over the weekend, signaling, what has been called a “political hit-list”  given that Trump has already appointed people who don’t believe in climate change to his cabinet.   The news continues to mount concerns against Trump, whom, is largely now seen as a threat to the very Democracy America has been built on.

US Senator Edward Markey (D)  sent a reported letter to Trump Friday detailing that if the new administration attempts to overstep its boundaries by targeting the Department of Energy or its employees “that it would be a direct violation of the law”.

Civil servants should never be punished for having executed policies with which a new administration disagrees,’ wrote Markey, a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

‘That would be tantamount to an illegal modern-day political witch hunt, and would have a profoundly chilling impact on our dedicated federal workforce.’

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