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New CIA report says Russia INDEED manipulated US election

And it has President Obama up in arms. According to the Washington Post,  the CIA has “declared in a formal assessment” that Russia had its hands in the U.S election that occurred in November.   That election, shockingly tilted in favor of Donald Trump, over Hillary Clinton.

Vladamir Putin,  Russia’s dictator-leader has made it no secret that he has  warmed up to Trump in the midst of what was the election and even afterwards. The warming relationship between Moscow and Trump have, essentially, been the focal sparking point for the allegations that Moscow actually hacked the elections in favor of one candidate over the other.

The White House first accused Russia of hacking into the elections in October, but, at the time, offered up no substantial proof to indicate such. Now, however, a handful of US intelligence agencies have gathered in what the Washington Post calls a “secret CIA assessment” detailing in great detail how Russia and the Kremlin played a part in electing Trump.

The news comes amid news from several research groups that some 15m Americans reportedly used fake political news during the election (from Russia) to voice and determine their political standings during the election and electoral process in the United States.

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