A Louisiana man shot dead a man at a traffic stop, and it was entirely legal

LOUISIANA — A 54-year-old white Louisiana man is in the crosshairs of police and most of America, mostly, because he has committed the same crimes over a ten year period and essentially gotten away with it.

According to police, Ronald Gasser over the past ten years has had quite the interesting problem with shooting people dead; flat-out assaulting them,  or entirely causing them trouble.  In 2006, Gasser was the subject of a quickly dismissed case after a driver noticed Gasser’s erratic driving.

Gasser at that time got the mans phone number and followed him to a gas station where he viciously attacked the caller. In present day, it’s a whole lot more serious.

Former footballer Joe McKnight lost his life over the weekend after Gasser once again pulled the trigger at a traffic stop.  Police say that Gasser proceeded to open fire after an apparent verbal altercation between the two at the stop.  He reportedly shot McKnight three times, leaving him for dead.

As of this morning, Gasser has apparently been released without charges related to the incident. 

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