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Top Story: Melania Trump not moving to White House 

Not exactly from the jump anyway.  Sources within Trump’s transition team confirmed to the Daily News Thursday night that Melania “plans to stay in their ritzy Trump Tower home for the sake of Barron”.

The news comes as Trump continues to struggle with his transition team and cabinet picks.  Most of his cabinet picks, perhaps, have sparked outrage among many Americans who feel the team has now become far to alt-right.

Barron, being their 10-year-old child that currently attends school at an elite Upper West Side private school.   The source confirmed that such a move will indeed spark heated security surrounding Trump Tower, although Melania, may move to the White House at the end of the school year.

“She’s really dedicated to her family, and especially Barron.  The campaign has brought her so much closer with Barron, that, she doesn’t want anymore disruption than possibly needed in his life”. 

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