Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails resurface

And this time it could spell doom in several forms for the potential first woman president. According to reports, the some 33,000 emails that were first allegedly deleted from the server weren’t actually deleted in the first place — but only not deleted because of a major flaw in Clinton ‘s private email server. 

In a May interview with the FBI, one of he chief server specialists overseeing the server Paul Combetta reportedly told officials that there was a flaw in how the emails weren’t actually deleted. While Bleachbit software was reportedly used to wipe the emails from a Clinton Corporation servers, the same can’t be said for any of the live email accounts that were used during the email transfers that secretly took place before the email scandal first broke earlier this year. 

FURTHERMORE, it has now further emerged that Google may play a part in any Republican officials gaining access to any secret emails. Reports confirmed that Combetta, had created a secret gmail account that contains most of the additional mailers that the world hasn’t seen yet. The news was confirmed after Datto Inc, the contractor responsible for backing up Clinton’s data from her servers was named in recent Wikileaks reports.

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