The 12 highest paid actors in TV

Television is big business, especially, if you’re on The Big Bang Theory, where it has now been reported that each of the main characters in the show receive a whopping $1million per episode. Rounding up the 12 highest paid television heavyweights….

Jim Parsons: $1 million, Big Bang Theory
Kaley Cuoco: $1 million, Big Bang Theory
Johnny Galecki: $1 million, Big Bang Theory
Lauren Graham: $750,000, Gilmore Girls
Alexis Bledel: $750,000, Gilmore Girls
Mark Harmon: $525,000, NCIS
Kevin Spacey: $500,000, House of Cards
Peter Dinklage: $500,000, Game of Thrones
Lena Headey: $500,000, Game of Thrones
Kit Harington: $500,000, Game of Thrones
Emilia Clarke: $500,000, Game of Thrones
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: $500,000, Game of Thrones

Click for the full list of overpaid actors. Here

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