Bow down to your EpiPen overlords over at Mylan

If you haven’t heard yet, er, the price of an EpiPen has went up — so far up it shot into the stratosphere.  Mylan Pharma, the overlord behind the move  under went intense scrutiny Thursday after  starkly hikin the price to nearly more than $600 for the pen itself.  Mylan, er, felt the pressure and has since come up with their own form a solution claimin in part that the hikes occurred due to outside sources rather than in-house.

CEO Heather Bresch announced that   coupons and assistance not previously available to everybody has been expanded. Now, some 400% of America livin on or around the poverty level is immediately available for the assistance, and, a coupon that will save at least 50% of the cost on a pack of two EpiPens directly from Mylan.

“We recognize the significant burden on patients from continued, rising insurance premiums and being forced increasingly to pay the full list price for medicines at the pharmacy counter,” says CEO Heather Bresch. “However, price is only one part of the problem that we are addressing with today’s actions.”

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