More than half of Clinton Foundation donors met with Clinton at State Department: Documents

DC —   The Daily News has  received numerous documents related to the mass Judicial Watch leak of  Clinton ‘s e-mails and the like, and, the documents reveal that more than half of Clinton ‘s personal foundation donors met directly with Clinton at the Department of State itself. The documents revealed that at least 85 of the 150 donors donated more than $156m, otherwise, or simply promisin  and swearin to donate to Clinton ‘s international private interests.

The documents confirmed that at least 20 of those donors ponied up $1m and the others donated up to $100,000 each. The new revelations from the Judicial Watch leak will more than likely prove very difficult for Clinton to overcome leadin into the November elections, as, her ethics are already under heavy scrutiny in the mainstream press and around the world.

The new document leaks implicate a much  deeper problem at the hands of Clinton ‘s presidential hopes.   While the  meetins and the phone calls with Clinton herself don’t directly violate any  lawful documents they  marked in 2009, they, surely, do implicate that Clinton had intersectin interests between Clinton donors and those with private interests at the  Department of State.


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