@RealDonaldTrump ‘s troubled deceptive history, explained

Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential nominee; a man of his unusual word, an individual of intentional deception.  Over the years, there have been many points in time that Donald J. Trump has “Trumped” himself revealing his own troubled business record, and, his knack for deceiving others.   For starters, there was that time he had claimed he had been paid more than $1m to give a speech about that infamous business record that he loves so dearly, but in fact, had only accumulated $400,000 from that speech.

Even more interesting, in 2004,  Trump claimed in bank loan documents that his net worth was around $3.5billion.  We all know that Trump has long claimed he is worth billions of dollars, but, if those bank loans are anything to go by — Trump isn’t quite that wealthy. What’s interesting about this piece of information alone, is, er, the fact that Trump knew this wasn’t the case when he filed the bank loan documents.  In fact, the bank later discovered that his net worth was much lower, actually, significantly lower ($3.5billion was four times as much as he was worth at the time).

One shall not forget Trump ‘s infamous National Golf Club in Westchester County, N.Y, whereas he once claimed that it cost $300,000 to gain membership to the establishment. In reality, it only costs around $200,000.  Why, perhaps, anyone would pay that much to get into any kind of Golf Club is beyond the average persons mental capacity.

Not to drag Trump through the mud, but, then there’s that time he bragged to several news stations including The Washington Post; CNBC, and CBS about his Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vegas, claiming that he had 1,282 units but they had been sold out in nearly a week. The deceptive problem?   More than 300 of those units hadn’t actually been sold, but Trump, continued on with that lie in the press.

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Trump’s response to being caught in the deception? “I’m talking to a television station,” he once said. “We do want to put the best spin on the property.”  But, let’s not only highlight Trump’s deceptions, furthermore, there are just as many successes as there are fallacies.  His towering golden high-rises; best-selling books, regarded golf resorts, T.V shows, I could go on for hours.

But, in recent weeks, Trump’s business record as a whole has fallen under intense scrutiny. In June, it emerged that Trump hadn’t paid many of the contractors he formerly used on projects and the like. Some of those businesses, er, even went out of business due to non-payment from Trump.   The problem with Trump’s record? Trump has indirectly admitted to much of this himself.  Mountains and mountains of court documents  disseminated over the course of Trump’s career, mite to most,  cause a headache.

The files made one clear confirmation though.  It is apparent that Trump doesn’t know how to successful run business deals and create lasting business relationships.  This, might, be a problem considering he wants to be the President of the United States.  Documents revealed that over the last 30 years, Trump, has been accused of deception; broken promises, and outright fraud at least 7 times by numerous different contractors and people he has worked with.

But the list goes on. The Trump University students who say Trump  flaked them out of their money, and, their time. Or better yet, perhaps,  the Trump condo buyers who say they were also flaked out of their time and money.  Even better, the New Jersey public officers who now say they despise the zoning approvals that were granted to Trump, the licenses, and the tax-breaks he was given based on the many lies and broken promises Trump told them.

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But, again, it gets worse.   The contractors involved with Trump over the past 10 or so years, have fared the worst.    The small time contractors claimed in numerous court documents that Trump would often “find the smallest and often most untrue things about our work to avoid paying us”.  Not to mention, Trump, has been accused numerous times of concealing profits and ignoring his contractual and legally binding obligations.

 But, lets look at like this. Trump ‘s supporters refuse to acknowledge these very sentiments about the man who wants to “Make America Great Again”. A man, who, has so seemingly and effortlessly deceived businesses; people, and families out of their money and time. But, to his supporters,  they’ve turned a blind eye.   His business record solidified one sure-fire confirmation: A detrimental pattern exists within Trump ‘s fallacy-ridden world, and, that, could potentially cost him the entire Presidential campaign.

The problem most don’t see within Trump’s fib-riddled campaign, sits, solely between two facts. Trump, doesn’t know when to be direct and honest with his target audience, and, when he speaks to his target audience — they — take everything he says at face value. The internet; public records, and the like are powerful people. Wake up.

For example,  Trump had famously promised  Trump University students that they will learn all of his real-estate secrets from his  “personally picked” instructors.  But, er, that was the biggest laughable fib of them all.

 A concern with Trump ‘s attempt to become President of the United States, perhaps, may be his effortless ability to weave his own versions of reality. Does, er, America really need a President that has been previously called the “Michelangelo of Deception”?  How about “Extremely Pathological”.

While The Daily News has never met, nor spoken to Trump, we have verified nearly all of the “Dirty Deed” claims made against Trump.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, has wasted no time in jumping on the anti-Trump band wagon.  Her campaign has set up a new website to detail every single deceptive con Trump has run over the years.  www.artofthesteal.biz.
This article was penned by SHK.  SHK has never spoken to; met, or endorsed Trump in any way. SHK has no affiliation with Trump or any political campaign in any way. Nor, does he have any interest in competing with either side of the political spectrum.


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