The fugitive; home invasions, and a mass murder in Panama

One might think Panama and its notoriously glorious beaches  littered with white sand, perhaps, would be a great place for people to vacation. But, for one man, it was instead allegedly a place in which he carried out nearly a dozen mass murders in what is perceived as one of the worst killing sprees in history.

William Dathan Holbert, and his girlfriend,  fled to Bocas Del Toro some years ago whereas they had begun their murderous spree without question. In the beginning,  Holbert, admitted to prosecutors that he and his girlfriend would often viciously kill others and in turn take over their businesses and their homes.

Before his time having fled to Panama with his girlfriend,  Holbert, had reportedly worked in a gym in North Carolina as a manager. That was, er, until the owner of the gym had apparently discovered that Holbert had wrote company checks to the tune of $20,000 for his own personal use.

By the age of 26, perhaps, Holbert and his equally unusual girlfriend were portrayed on the show America’s Most Wanted whereas they were wanted across the United States for real-estate fraud.

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