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Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is “lacking in the brains department”

When you’re Donald Trump, er, mincing your words isn’t exactly something you do. In his latest comments, Donald Trump, likened the remaining months of the Presidential elections in America to an “athletic contest”. Yes, an athletic contest.

The comments came after an interview on Fox, in which, Trump suggested that he has a better track record of performing well under pressure unlike his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

She is highly overrated in the brains department,” Trump said of Clinton. “She is really bad at reacting under pressure.” Of himself, Trump said “I was always a good athlete,” adding: “Under pressure, some good athletes become bad athletes” — referring to Clinton.

Trump doubled down on his not-so-minced comments regarding Clinton, amid,  new polls out today signaling that some 57% of Americans are “dissatisfied” with the FBI ‘s decision not to bring formal charges against Hillary Clinton in correlation with her e-mail server.

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