Here’s some pretty damning details on one of the cops in #AltonSterling ‘s murder

BATON ROUGE —   Like it or not, here comes the not so surprising story behind one of the cops involved in Alton Sterling’s murder. According to what we’ve learned,  Howie Lake, was placed on administrative leave in 2014 after a black man was shot multiple times. That man, Kevin Knight, was a registered sex offender (who did nothing) but cops claimed he was involved in a domestic incident.

Lake, 29, was suspended after the 2014 incident. But brought back shortly after despite calls for his immediate firing. In  similar claims made  in the death of Alton Sterling, Lake and his fellow police officers claimed during the shoot of Kevin Knight (who survived) that Knight had “charged them” and had attempted to run in his car.

Lake, has a strange and unusual history of of altercations with African American’s in Baton Rouge. In the latest string of events,  Lake, among other officers, is seen in that now graphic video screaming at Sterling “Get on the ground” before shooting him 6 times in the chest and back.

Although, Sterling, had no gun in his hand (although one in his pocket) and made no attempt to reach for the gun.


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