Here’s what happened after this young lady asked for equal pay

Let this be a lesson: Stick up yourselves.   A Kansas City teenage girl and her friend are in the news this week after she apparently asked her boss for equal pay, but the response, was farthest from what Jensen Walcott had expected. Originally, Fox 5 had picked up the story,  which stated that when Walcott and her male friend Jake Reed had been hired at a local pizza joint — they — thought the experience would be great.

Except, there was a problem. Reed had reportedly been informed that he would be paid $8.25 h/r, while, for the exact same thing Walcott would only get $8.00 h/r.  When Walcott realized the discrepancy, she, confronted the manager only to discover that she would later promptly be fired.

The manager, per reports, claimed that the twosome had violated company policy by discussing their wages. Although, the two say that policy was never disclosed to them.

“At face value it appears, that the young lady was terminated because she complained about unequal wages. That’s illegal,” an attorney tells the station, adding that, per the National Labor Relations Board,

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