Amid Brexit , British papers call for abolishing the Monarchy

Amid the craze of the Brexit, and the appearance of an exit from the European Union,  an interesting op-ed piece has appeared on the front page of The Independent. The Independent,  has called for the UK’s next referendum to abolish the British monarchy forever.

An unabashed pride in an institution inherited by pure luck of the gene pool persists in modern Britain. Unlike the EU, the Crown’s hold on the British is emotional and senti-mental as well as material. We are subjects, not citizens. 

A popular defence of our feudal monarchy is that it has “no real power” and that its position is only “ceremonial”. The royalists then extoll the virtues of monarchy, talking it up as a force for “national unity” and “identity” – all of those, of course, being forces that only a person in power could command. 

Via The Independent 

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