Rio declares state of financial emergency ahead of Olympic games: Report

With the Olympic games just weeks away and sent to take place in Rio De Janeiro, it,  appears that the city perhaps isn’t quite ready.  Reports indicate that Rio’s governor Gov. Francisco Dornelles reportedly declared an extensive “public financial emergency” ahead of the 5 August kick off of the games.

During the games, the city is expected to see hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world.  During that time, they will be responsible for all health; emergencies, and policing of Rio’s state while foreigners are in town. But, according to Gov. Dornelles, the city just doesn’t have enough funds to make sure everything goes down without a hitch.

In other news, ahead of the games, officials warn that Brazil as a whole “is at its worst that it has been in 80 years”.   Slate notes that at a time in which the states’ police force has been cut by 30% homicides and robberies,  perhaps, are higher than ever.  In the words of one official “Brazil (specifically Rio De Janeiro…) is on the brink of a major social calamity, and, quite possibly a massive collapse..).

Rio has already begun delaying pension payments for those entitled to such, but, it doesn’t stop there. In recent weeks, following the collapse of President Rouseff,  the city has reportedly started to lay off even more teachers; close hospitals, and even schools. Teachers have apparently been protesting since at least January.

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