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Movie Review: Lifetime’s Get Out Alive

Anybody who has read The Daily News over the years, knows, that we love Lifetime movies.  This time, we’re  rattling on about Get Out Alive — one of Lifetime’s newer releases as of this Spring. The film, perhaps, isn’t one of Lifetime’s best and has earned a much less stellar review than its fellow counterparts.

Get Out Alive Rating: **

Lifetime ‘s Get Out Alive stars a couple, who alike others, appears to want to be in a happy marriage but ends up getting invited to a couples retreat. The problem?  The couple’s retreat is both dangerous and nothing of the couples retreat kind of thing. It actually becomes and quickly  a situation whereas they must defend themselves and fight for their lives.

Perhaps, if this reminded you of Paris Hilton in that wax movie from 2006 — you’re not alone. Within the first 15 minutes, we were pretty bored with the predictable storyline and the bland cast.  A hat tip to Lifetime for the attempt, however, next time,  the actors need to be switched up.

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