Should Mississippi remove its “racist” flag?

While Donald Trump and the 2016 elections have largely dominated both American and international headlines, perhaps, there are some other interesting things going on stateside. The Root, has an interesting take on Mississippi’s “Racist” flag, some of which,  is now up for debate as to whether or not it should be removed entirely.

The Root spoke to Tenisha Bell, one of many people targeting the flag, who says that the flag “incites violence” and violates numerous laws. The lawsuit filed by others, and backed by hundreds, will now head to the nation’s capital to have a much larger and more in depth discussion over its legality and whether or not it should remain in place.

“There’s a growing campaign to take down the Mississippi state flag—the last flag in the Union with the Confederate battle emblem,” Tenisha Bell, publicist for Take It Down America, tells The Root. “We all know what the Confederate battle emblem represents: hatred, death, slavery, Jim Crow. The time for the flag to come down is now.”

 [Statement via The Root]. 

The flag dates back to a time when lynching; rapes, robberies, and sexual assaults of black people were largely considered normal in the deep south.  Many, perhaps, argue on those grounds alone that the flag should no longer remain in place as times have largely changed.

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