Texas student bound for Yale reveals she is also an illegal immigrant

TEXAS —  If you’re in America this morning, you’ve probably woken up to news of two Texas high school students who have been granted full-ride scholarships to UT Austin and Yale respectively. Normally, such news would be spectacular and spark nothing but congratulations — except — there’s one singular problem with both instances.

Both young women are in America illegally, and, breaking the law.

Larissa Martinez, who graduated from McKinney Boyd High School claimed to classmates during her graduation speech that she “fled Mexico when she was 11 from her abusive and alcoholic father”.  Since then,  Martinez, has had little success in getting her citizenship application to pass through the proper channels.

While mothers move mountains for their children, you literally moved countries for my sister and me,’ she said.

‘I’d like to offer you a different kid of speech. One that offers expectations versus reality.

‘Many of you see me standing up here and assume my life must be pretty great and my parents must be very proud.

‘Nevertheless its important to note that these are only the half truths. Those are the expectations

‘My reality is quite different. On July 11 it will be exactly six years since I moved to McKinney from Mexico City where I was born and raised.

‘When people see me up here… they seem to think I’ve got my life figured out. At the age of 11, I was nothing but the girl with an abusive and alcoholic father.

‘A girl whose only dream was to become an American and who thought moving countries would solve all of the problems in her life.

‘Oftentimes my intelligence was questioned because of my background.


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