Amber Heard just accused Johnny Depp of even more spousal abuse

If you thought the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp divorce drama couldn’t get any more jaw-dropping, brace yourselves. In a new defamation lawsuit filed against comedian Stanhope, (see The Wrap), Heard has lodged even more complaints of verbal and physical spousal abuse against Johnny Depp.

In her newly filed defamation documents, Amber Heard, alleges that the incidents in which were originally cited in her restraining order documents weren’t the only abusive moments she suffered at the hands of Johnny Depp.  Heard’s lawsuit comes after an article appeared in The Wrap, claiming, that Heard is “blackmailing” Johnny Depp and “essentially has been for years”.

During the course of his relationship with Heard, Depp has repeatedly been physically and verbally abusive towards her… Depp has hit and kicked Heard on numerous occasions, has thrown objects at her, at one point nearly suffocated her to the point where she feared for her life.

Depp is an alcoholic and drug addict, and these violent episodes occurred mostly after Depp had relapsed into a cycle of substance abuse. His drug and alcohol abuse has increased dramatically in recent years, as has his violent behavior.

Heard repeatedly returned to Depp, despite his verbal and physical mistreatment of her, hoping optimistically that the man she married would change his behavior… Each time Heard returned, however, within months, the cycle of substance abuse and violence repeated…

[Heard] gave him numerous chances to change his behavior, and end the cycle of alcoholism, drug abuse, and physical and verbal abuse of her. Yet Depp would not and has not changed his behavior, precipitating Heard to file for divorce and seek a restraining order.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that Depp has instructed his publicity team to “publicly take out Heard at all costs”.

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As a result of this coordinated, malicious campaign, a number of news organizations have repeated these false statements, disparaging Heard and harming her public reputation and career.

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