Trump’s atrium problem, and a visit to Britain?

NEW YORK — Trump is a man of many colorful words, and, apparently problems. New York City officials confirmed today that Trump is under investigation for breaking a deal he sought with the city in 1970 about an atrium in his Trump Tower building. Per the agreement, the atrium must remain open to the public at all times no matter what.

However,  officials say that Trump is in violation of that order after he used the atrium and essentially closed it to the public for use during his campaign.  Trump’s organization has denied that they closed the atrium at any given time to the public, a part of the building, that can only be closed four times out of the year (and with the city’s permission).

Officials are now looking into whether or not reports of a closure on Tuesday are accurate.  The Associated Press reported that only credentialed media were allowed in the atrium, something, that has irked city officials considering Trump’s atrium is one of few privately owned public spaces in the city — and has to follow strict  rules because of such.

In other Trump news, The Daily News has confirmed that Trump will make an appearance at the reopening of his golf course in Scotland after that massive renovation that was ordered last year.

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