University of Oregon students under investigation for trashing National Forest

Both literally and figuratively (and apparently, drugs were present).    Deadspin is out this morning with an interesting and shocking story out of Lake Shasta, which, paints some “1,000+ students” as nothing more than vicious destroyers of a beloved National Forest.

Per tradition, thousands of students flock to Lake Shasta for a week/weekend in May every year. The vacation tends  to be of the college sorts, however, this year “they absolutely destroyed Lake Shasta”. House boats with no restrooms (up to 60 of them) were left unattended for starters.

Officials say that mountains of garbage; trash, 90 or so tents, and a cooler that asked someone about “Blow” were left on the National Forest’s property. The University of Oregon has since responded noting that an investigation has been opened into what some on social media have called “an absolutely uncalled for college rager”.

The school is “actively investigating the situation and will take action as appropriate.” per a statement from the University of Oregon.  All activities at the fraternities and sororities involved have been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation.

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