Hundreds of Elite New Yorkers Caught in Panama Papers

NEW YORK — Chicken Kitchen; George Soros, nobody is safe. The latest revelations out of the Panama Papers have some shocking and incriminating information contained within them.  A trove of elite New Yorkers have been caught in the Panama Papers among those who have either harbored money in offshore phony companies, or, flat out hid their finances in foreign territories.

The round up.

1.)  The Nakash Gang

The Nakash family for those that don’t know, er, are the people who brought Jordache Jeans to life. Panama documents revealed that revealed that the billionaire designers are “linked to several offshore companies”  spanning the British Virgin Islands and beyond. That company, entitled, Blue Jeans Ltd..

Ralph Nakash


Denisee Rich, 72.

Her husband, Marc Rich, was famously pardoned by former U.S President Bill Clinton on his last day in office. Now,  Rich, is no longer a U.S citizen. She dumped her citizenship years later in exchange for Austrian citizenship, after it was revealed she had stashed $140m in DTD Limited in the Cook Islands and The Dry Trust, of unknown location to avoid paying U.S taxes.

John King

He is the founder of Chung King studios — a place in Manhattan where some of the biggest names in music history have recorded. Run DMC;  The Beastie Boys, and a plethora of others have made their music. The studio closed last year, but, King, is named as the holder of several trusts in the British Virgin Islands per the Panama Papers.

Columbia University

The University’s endowment and investments are largely handled by an offshore company Haton Polymer & Fibre Corp. in the Cayman Islands.  Attempts to get comments from Columbia on the matter are pending.

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Paola Mielli

She is a psychotherapist based in New York City that has ties to  Claudius Trust along with the Harvard Business School in a number of offshore havens.

New York University & Its School of Medicine

NYU ‘s prestigious school of medicine has found itself in a firestorm of criticism after it emerged that they’re tied to companies in the  British Virgin Islands, Scraggy Neck Investments and Huntington Investments Holdings. The University told The Daily News that this “was the cause of misappropriations by a former neurosurgeon who is no longer employed by the University in any medium”.

Louise Blouin

Art-collect aficionado and …. money launderer?  The famed art collector per the Panama Papers has extensive connections to  Kirkswood Ltd., located in the British Virgin Islands.  Blouin was posted to sell her La Dune Oceanfront Estate but backed out of the sale after it emerged of her sketchy connection to the Panama Papers.

The Panama Papers reveal just how sketchy the 1% really are, and, more leaks and disclosures are expected as criminal search warrants and raids have already been carried out this month.

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