U.S Federal Authorities Seek to Question Daily News’ SHK

In a startling string of phone calls (that we have yet to actually verify are either a weird prank, or real)  The Daily News has received a string of such calls demanding that SHK be turned over for questioning for reasons that have not yet been disclosed to this newspaper.

Beginning two days ago, phone calls were received on our office phone number citing that the call was an FBI agent and demanded that thou turn over SHK for questioning and immediately.

We have not heard from the caller since, however, we have spoken to a number of people within the FBI indicating that this was a real phone call.  We were made aware, also, that  FBI agents appear to have showed up at a residence formerly belonging to SHK a matter of days ago attempting to locate him.

SHK’s whereabouts will not be disclosed. He will remain under supervision until we determine why he appears to be of interest to American authorities. 

The Daily News is choosing to disclose this information because we feel that SHK is being targeted, by what, we’re not quite sure.   We have reason to believe that one of two things is happening here 1.) Someone is playing a very bad prank and 2) He is being targeted because of what he is and what people think he may know.

SHK has removed himself from public view and does intend to answer any questions. He has committed no crime, and done nothing wrong. Therefore,  he is not at means to cooperate with any information in which is allegedly sought by the so-called FBI agents that are attempting to startle him.

As of this writing, The Daily News currently is seeking legal representation to shield SHK from whomever these people actually are.

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Cell phone communications with SHK and the general public have been suspended.  Until further notice, there is no way for the public to communicate with SHK.


Daily News Management


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