HONG KONG —  Folks have long wondered where my loyalty as a nationalist and traveler rests, but, that loyalty is neither here nor there in America — but mildly with London. However, I am desperately seeking something new —  an adventure for the history books in a world where I’ve never been before.

For the first time,  I’m going to discuss  the 3 reasons why I’d defect to the Chinese capital for a new look on life.

1.) I’m use to dictatorships.

Dictatorships aren’t all that scary anymore.  I’ve traveled through localities and regions that have some of the worst known to modern mankind. China, isn’t as bad as the press makes it out to be. Beijing and Hong Kong are actually rather entertaining cities.  Respect the city and its laws, and, er, one may just find out that nothing will happen to them.

2.) I’d like to bring the Daily News to China

Regulators may stick me out of the yin yang to get into the country with a newspaper,but, if I were given a pass by the Chinese to enter the country as a media source  I likely wouldn’t hesitate.  I have zero tolerance for America and its nosiness in international business that has nothing to do with America.

3.)  Asia is one of my favorite continents.

My passport travel books have more Asian stamps than anywhere in the world.   Asia, is, by far, one of the most beautiful continents I’ve ever been to. As an adventurist and someone who seeks out change, I, think a renewed life in China would be pretty interesting.  Shoot me later, but, I think I”d probably be more profitable in the Chinese capital.

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