Hot Theory: Madeleine McCann was kidnapped in “botched burglary”

LONDON —  In a recent radio interview, Metropolitan Police Officials reportedly announced on radio’s across the United Kingdom that they had “one last lead” in the disappearance of Britain’s most mysterious missing persons case ever.  McCann, who disappeared 9 years ago this year, is now believed to have been “kidnapped in a botched burglary’.

Police officials believe that a group of gang members including grown men and a 16 year old boy, were, involved in the kidnapping. Mobile phone calls apparently traced the gang back to the vacation complex in Portugal where the McCann family was staying during her disappearance.

The first man, who has not yet been identified, is believed t o have drove a tourist van for the Mark Warner complex. British police are reportedly “furious” with Portuguese police at this point, mostly, because they’re refusing to allow the three suspects in question to be quizzed again.

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