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Taking Oxycontin? You might need to see this

Oxycontin addiction? Occasional flavor lover? You might want to read this. The Los Angeles Times is after Oxycontin over its “biggest claim” because reports found that it causes “hell” for its users. In a lengthy expose in the Times, er, Oxycontin found itself amid a scandal after it emerged of e-mail memos that urged people to push patients to take high doses.

The investigation reportedly found that Oxycontin’s much talked about claim that it relieves “12 hours of pain”, er, doesn’t actually last that long.  Per the investigation, some users actually reported that it lasts “at least a few hours less” a claim that Oxycontin creators swiftly deny.  The gist?  Creators want people to take higher doses of the drug to avoid the “small chance” that that may actually happen according to the investigation itself.

The problem? Public health officials have long warned against taking higher doses of things like Oxycontin because it can lead to grave dependency on the drug.

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