Donald Trump ‘s long history of fear; lies, and fabrications

With the primaries readying to come to a close, Donald Trump,  is largely the talk of the Republican party.   Since the beginning of Trump’s controversial campaign, Trump, has made more questionable claims than one probably  actually remembers.  Here, The Daily News, took the time to round-up some of Trump’s eyebrow raising claims that have sparked legions of white nationalist followers in the United States.

1.  His latest claim: Rafael Cruz was partially responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

As report widely in the Daily News,  Trump, appeared in Fox News interviews to discuss Ted Cruz and his father.  Trump, claimed in the interviews that Rafael Cruz was “present” with shooter Lee Harvey Oswald the day  JFK was killed.  The original claim, er, came from a thinly sourced National Enquirer article that many have debunked as of this writing.

In response to the claims, Cruz, fought back.

This man is a pathological liar,” Ted Cruz told reporters in response. “He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. And in a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook, his response is to accuse everyone else of lying.”

2. Birtherism

Nobody is a stranger to that now historic feat against U.S President Barack Obama and the desperate bid to discredit his legitimacy as an American and the lawfulness behind his presidency. Trump, was among those largely who heralded the movement to discredit his birthplace, despite, the many attempts and the release of a birth certificate otherwise. The first, er, of many examples of racial components behind Trump’s campaign moments.

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Equally interesting is the fact that Donald Trump knowingly quotes and uses falsehoods to trigger responses from his white nationalist followers.  Quoting thinly sourced articles; claims, and even national policy snippets — Trump’s dependency on falsehoods earned him a Politifact 2015 Award: Lie of the Year [See Here].

Trump, in the past, has linked discredited claims about vaccines to the cause of autism (which has largely been debunked by medical officials).

3. Obama, a secret Muslim?

At least according to Trump. In an interview during September 2015,  Trump, argued that  Obama probably was a “secret Muslim” and later following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia implied that “If his funeral had been at a mosque, perhaps, Obama likely would have attended”.  In typical Trump fashion, he, later denied that he had ever implied anything.

4.  Immigration

Trump’s immigration policy is probably better known than Donald Trump himself.

Trump, perhaps, is largely known as the most fiercely-charged candidate when it comes to immigration. Trump has long argued that he would take charge and “change immigration” to the United States.

“The Mexican government forces many bad people into our country because they’re smart,” Trump told NBC News last July. “They’re smarter than our leaders, and their negotiators are far better than what we have, to a degree that you wouldn’t believe. They’re forcing people into our country. … And they are drug dealers and they are criminals of all kinds.”

5. Muslim, Muslim, where are thou?

In the past, and by means of New Jersey officials, Trump has been cited for some pretty extreme lies when it comes to Muslims. At one point, Trump, claimed that he had witnessed “thousands upon thousands” of Muslims celebrate the 9/11 attack in New Jersey after seeing such alleged images broadcast on television. The problem? New Jersey officials later came out and denied that any such images were ever broadcast on television.

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It appears, by all means, that Donald Trump’s relationship with the truth isn’t precisely his strong point.

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