Prince ‘s death now a criminal investigation — Here’s What We Know

MINNEAPOLIS —   Days ago, it was announced that the Drug Enforcement Administration reportedly got involved in the death of Prince Rogers Nelson after it emerged he was in possession of a number of prescription drugs believed to have been given to the singer by a private doctor that was aboard his private plane.  This folks, is, where his death gets pretty interesting.


On Friday morning at approximately 10: 15 AM, The Daily News received a number of documents related to the death of Prince Rogers Nelson   all but suspending the belief that the singer may have died from AIDS complications. The documents confirmed something that was not known to the public until today, a private doctor was aboard Prince’s private plane the night he made an emergency landing.


Prince’s problems first made headlines on 15 April in Moline, Illinois when the singer’s plane made an emergency landing after the singer was “unconscious” on his plane.

Question: If you’ve got a private doctor aboard your plane, why, would you need to visit a hospital?


Search warrants on Paisley Park not released to the public after a judge sealed the orders revealed that Paisley Park did indeed contain a wide number of opiate drugs that normally you wouldn’t be able to get yourself.  Prince, was also in possession of opiate drugs when he was found dead in an elevator in his Paisley Park home.    The warrants were the first time it became known to the public that a private doctor was aboard the plane, and, the first time it was disclosed that Prince’s death is now a criminal investigation.  The discovery of drugs prompted calls to federal investigators to determine alongside Minneapolis medical examiners where exactly the drugs came from.

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Further delving into the documents, it, was also revealed a much different belief held behind closed doors in the death of Prince. Investigators have privately held the belief per  evidence and information discovered that Prince  “overdosed on opiate drugs” while on the plane before he landed — despite investigators having made it appear that he overdosed much later after it was announced he had been found dead.


The news, has sparked a criminal investigation into the death of Prince because Prince was not able to get those drugs himself — and investigators believe that Prince’s doctor whom is privately being investigated (we are working on a name) is responsible for the death of the Purple Rain legend.

It is largely a belief under investigators whom are looking into the death of Prince that his doctor had secretly been prescribing him copius numbers of opiate drugs in the weeks leading up to his death.

While writing this,  The Daily News, was made aware of events that occurred on Prince’s private plane.  According to investigators,  Prince was given a shot of “Narcan” on his plane (which is considered a “save  shot” after an opiate overdose”. This news lends severe credibility to the investigators documented investigation that Prince Rogers Nelson ultimately died of a doctor-led drug overdose. 




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