Reports: North Korea has fired ballistic missiles off of its coast

SEOUL —  South Korean defense officials have confirmed to The Daily News that the existence of a ballistic missile in North Korea is indeed accurate and that said missile has been fired. Defense officials say that North Korea fired the ballistic missile from a submarine off of the coast of Pyongyang, a move, that has sparked fears that North Korea may be inching closer to the “surprise attack” that it has attempted for years.

Given that this is the first time it appears that a submerged missile launch appears to have been successful by means of North Korea, South Korean officials are concerned that Kim Jong Un may have finally discovered how to fire missiles from submerged submarines. A move that would allow North Korea to essentially fire as many weapons as they please  (and nobody would know until it actually happened).

The UN Security Council declared Sunday afternoon that the move of a launch was a ‘clear violation” of several security resolutions currently in place. It is unknown how many missiles North Korea may have in their arsenal.

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